Intro to Email Marketing Stats:

Here are some facts about how email marketing can increase your online conversions and improve your sales.

A study uncovered by Mail Chimp states that all emails, on average, have a 20.81% open rate. This means that the more targeted and populated email list, the more open rates, and conversion rates, you will receive. The chart below showcases the conversion rates of segmented types of  emails, de-aggregated from the most opened throught the least:

+Cart Abandonment
+Product Endorsements
+Price Decrease
+Back in Stock

The website,, finds that using email marketing on segmented events by customers increases your click-to-conversion rate. This means, more sales and brand awareness for your online ecommerce store.

Intro to Social Media Marketing

Sharing useful content with your following through social media is a great way to spread brand awareness while providing services and items to your growing list of fans.

The blog Lyfemarketing.comfound that marketing through the use of Facebook’s pixel and Facebook Ads marketing can improve your revenue. Just look at the numbers here, the numbers show improvement 
through harnessing the power of social media.

When you pair the numbers together, both marketing and revenue show a positive correlation. Jump ahead of the curve by marketing your business with email marketing and social media.