Be Unique & Follow Your Passion – Meet Mr. Reynolds of Hussie Models


This week we are sharing an exclusive blog Q&A about the success of one man’s journey in the Adult Entertainment industry. Riley Reynolds is the founder and CEO of Hussie Models, a talent agency that both recruits and creates content. As a writer who interviews passionate business people of all backgrounds, I very much enjoyed this specific Q&A, due to the fact that Riley is an original and stands for something. As the saying goes, be yourself because everyone else is taken.  As you will read in our interview, what you do is your business and no one has to walk in your shoes. When someone doesn’t agree with what you do, you need to remember that they are not you and do not pay your bills. Whatever your passion is, or however you go about making money, go all in and give it your best efforts. You can be successful if you apply yourself.

How did you initially migrate towards the adult entertainment industry?
At that point in my life my girlfriend had broken up with me and I got involved in the industry as talent.
I decided that I wanted to become an agent and really grow a brand and from there I created Hussie Models.
That is my baby.

What are some things about the adult industry that have benefitted people?
I think the industry benefits those who work in it by giving models the freedom of decision – the ability to make their own hours, work when they want and create the content that they want to create. I think that as a society we are becoming more sexually open and personally think that is beneficial.

How is the adult entertainment industry changing?
I believe paysites are slowly becoming less and less popular but are learning how to retain viewer loyalty through things like producing better quality content and contracting talent that their viewers follow.
There is a lot more freedom for models to have multiple streams of income- in times where the bookings are not consistent, they have options to sell clips, sell talk-time etc.
Personally, the changes that have happened to me are based on my growing network.
I’ve made partnerships which allow for more growth and the ability to execute ideas and bring them to life.

What are the most amount of hours you have worked in a week?
My work is constant.
Because most of my role is coordinating and communicating I need to be available 24/7.

How have you balanced work, life, and working out?
In the beginning, I did not.
I did recruiting, bookings, driving, housing, accounting and social media for Hussie Models.
Over the last year I’ve learned to delegate and bring some balance into my life.

I have multiple employees that allow me to do the things I love more, like wakeboarding and spending time with my dogs.

What are some things about the industry you wish people would know?
The biggest misconception from an outside perspective is that the porn industry is a last resort.
It’s not. Most people in the industry are here because this is what they wanted to do and most people are happy doing sex work.

I wish people knew that the media, specifically porn gossip sites, have portrayed me to be someone I am not.

I’ve made mistakes- my life and my role in this industry is a constant learning experience but I’ve never done anything that I feel justifies the way that they have chosen to portray me.
I truly care about the models that I work for – I care about their mental health, their relationships with their family and I feel that not every agent offers that.


As a businessman, do you have a ‘miracle morning’ routine?
I wake up and I walk my dogs.
Then I get started.
What is one piece of advice you want to leave people with that relates to pursuing your passion, regardless of what others think?
Do what makes you happy.
No one else is paying your bills and their opinions do not matter.






For my readers out there, know that you can achieve great success at anything you set your mind to, it does not matter who you are, what industry you are in, when you begin, or where you are in your life. If it is success you want, then stay true to yourself. Don’t be afraid to step out. To learn more about Riley and Hussie Models, check out his site here.



Cheers, Danielle

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