The Art of Following Up


Ever miss getting a call back from someone who said they would reach back out to you? This article is all about the follow up. When you reach out to professionals to request doing business with him or her, keep the ball in your court as much as you can. What I mean here is that when you send an email, leave a circle back option, and note that you will reach back out to them promptly later in the week or nearly next week. You want to make it easy for people to do business with you, and the easier you make it for people to say yes, then the faster you can move forward.

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Of course there are some slight adjustments that go into this proves. You want to make sure you are polite yet assertive, and that what you have to offer is something that a professional you are going to do business with will need or want. This strengthens your follow up. Qualify the person, this is important for time management, because every second matters.

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Pace Your Follow Up

I learned this from a Sales Boot Camp I took back in November. When You touch base with a decision maker, you want to make sure to email them back or call them. I find that if the line is quiet, follow up twice a week, two days in between. Keep their mind on you, the follow up increases your chances of them calling you back. Of course, after multiple touch points and no answer, you will want to move forward to more pressing matters. Make yourself available for them if they do need anything. When someone is emailing you for urgent matters, email back right  away. For bigger deals and operations, I allow a 24 Р48 response time. The sooner you can respond the better.

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Patience and Good Attitude

When waiting for your new client to email you back, you want to be patient. If after 3 days to a week you have no answer, be brave and pick up the phone. Follow up. There are some systems you can instill in your business practices to ensure your client is followed up with and cared for. Treat each person you meet with extreme politeness and respect. You never know how much a good attitude can help you out. A good attitude towards yourself and others goes a long way.

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Photo Via:, positive attitude, two people jumping, positive people.

Customer Service

Bottom line is that when you follow up with your clients, it builds your reputation of being super responsive and available to meet their needs. You want to be available to serve the people that need you, so make it easy for people to reach out to you. This is great customer service. Responding to situation makes it easy for you and your client to make the next steps to move each other forward. You are essentially a team, so following up will make things move much faster.

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Photo Via:, person helping another, reaching goals.

Following-Up Can Increase Your Conversions, according to an article in Kissmetrics. Make sure to qualify your customers and pace your follow up like a professional. If you really want things to happen, they will.Make sure to have a good attitude and a positive expectation about where you want to go. Following up is an art, and a learnable skill. Many people are successful at this, and you can be too. Start today to follow up with your clients. You can do it!






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