How I’m Getting Into Blogging With A Corporate Job

How I’m Getting Into Blogging With A Corporate Job

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What you aim to be good at is what you must set your mind to. For me, my journey is a long one with blogging. When I started my blogging journey in 2015, I had no idea what I was doing. I began writing for a blog but didn’t know how to monetize it. Between being stressed out with paying back student loans, and choosing rent over food, I struggled to concentrate and this has always been something on the back burner, up until now. I have a good job that pays well, and I now can concentrate on blogging and how to monetize both my own blog and how to freelance for others to bring in an additional stream of income.

More and more I feel that the education I received was priced at a hyper-inflated ticket, and the ROI was truly a bunch of B.S. I looked back at some of my colleagues from high school and found the friends that I went to school with who were making more money than me did not, in fact, get a 4 year degree. They went and studied trade skills. They earn more money because they have a practical skill that they can put to immediate use. The rise of trade skills and the opportunity with making your money online is on the rise. I feel like people are starting to get fed up with expensive and greedy colleges and are instead working to build their own businesses.

As much as I hate student loan debt and the poor ROI you get in the job market after investing in your education, it really burned when the same school I took out loans for called me for donations to the school. WTF. The job market only wants to pay you entry-level after school. The return you get is terrible. That is why I chose to blog as a vehicle to set myself free of best. This blog is an account of my journey and also for you to show you that you can do it too.

As a numbers person by trade, I have worked in a handful of corporate accounting jobs, only to realize that my creativity has been stiffed. I feel the only way to make good money is to get creative and learn a trade that you can teach yourself. Learning how to run a business is a valuable skill. My advice to those who have been rung through the college system and are barely scraping by is to learn a new trade or refurbish one that you can put to use, and start finding a way to directly serve your customers. Attaining customers is another topic I will write about shortly. Find something that drives you.

As I write to you know, I am still in corporate America. I do enjoy my job, but at the end of the day, I have big student loan debt balances to pay off. I work extra to build my blogging business, and soon hope to aspire to the ‘big dog’s’ in the business world who create highly profitable businesses and are so flush with cash that they PAY THE SALARIES of employees. Soon to come, also, is how to build a weekly schedule to fit in your freelancing business around your 40 hour week. As a positive to working in corporate America, you can really learn a lot of valuable business skills, like social-politics, being orderly, and being micro-managed. You may not like some things about your job right now, but if you look into the silver lining, you can see all the positives about working in corporate America. Learn what you can, where you are, and make the most of it. If you do work hard at your job, you can get paid even more while building your freelance business.

No matter how much debt you have, and how little your current job may pay, know that the relationship will soon be inverted to higher paying jobs and lower debt amounts. Work hard where you are, save money, and put your nose to the grindstone in both your corporate job and your freelance job. The skills and habits you learn from being a hard and smart worker will benefit you, always. Good luck out there, freelancers and corporate American employees. Carpe Diem!

Danielle is a freelancer who works hard to build her business while working in corporate America to learn the skills she needs to become one of the best business owners in the world.