How To Keep Up With Your Work Over The Holidays – Getting Work Done When It’s The Hardest Thing To Do

During the holiday season, it can be difficult to manage the year end rush while balancing family and business holiday parties. This is the time when you need to focus the most. Year end is when people reassess their goals they made at the beginning of the year, and make a push to meet those goals during the end of the year.

As a business owner, being on top of your game means having a plan, answering emails, and being available to serve your customers. Be ready to take on more clients as well, because there are people out there who need your services. The more prepared you are to take on the work, handle the current workload, and also be present for family and friends, the better your year-end will be.

How Do You Achieve It All

The answer is by careful planning. When you plan your day, week, and month, you budget your time and can allocate what you spend your time on the important matters that need your full attention. This means planning to exercise, planning for decent sleep, planning for family and friends, and making sure you always budget time for your business operations and sales processes into your schedule. I firmly believe that those who plan well are those who achieve great things.
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Start Here

The first place to start is with you. Dive deep. Ask yourself why you are going after certain goals and objectives. If it is for you, you will stick with it. If you are going after certain goals to make someone else appeased, you will never stick with it. Building your foundation of why you are going after your goals is the first step towards effectively planning. Yes we all want more time with our family and quality friends, a sexy body and amazing health, and a thriving business that would make class reunion a breeze, but you need to plan out the details. Success in each of these categories is extremely different for each person, this is because we are all unique, have different desires and wants, and also needs.
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Where Do I Go From Here?

Grab a special planner that allows you to write in what you will do each hour. Plan each and every hour of the day, and can get right down to the minute. It may be daunting, but it is your life and you’ve got to be the change you want to see, it helps to build discipline. To prevent overload, start with a small list of tasks each day, and build from there. For example, if you want to do something to improve your health, relationships, and business, you can start a daily list that looks like this:

  1. Work Out At Gym for 1 Hour in Cycling Class
  2. Spend time with best friend Jessie downtown
  3. Complete 4 big projects today for clients and send 5 follow-up emails
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Keep it simple silly (kiss). The further down the rabbit hole you travel, the more you will find clarity on what you need to do, who you need to spend your time with, and the clients you want to serve. Make it happen. Your values will align with what you think, say, and do in your health, relationships, and business categories. Keep it really simple, and start small. Once you get good at completing small tasks, allow yourself to take on more. You will eventually get to where you can do more, be more, and become more.
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You Are Worth It

No one said keeping on the straight and narrow would be easy, but I can promise you that you are worth it to improve and save your life. Make your life better, and keep going no matter how small of a step you take. There will be distractions, failures, and setbacks. Take inventory, heal yourself, and get back on the path. It’s like that one quote that goes something like this…

“What is more important than achieving your goals is the person
you become while you achieve them.”


As you go about your holiday season to wrap up the year-end, and get ready for big improvements in 2018, remember to become a person of value and to serve those around you. Be ready to serve your clients, help new business develop, and be present for your loved ones.
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Happy New Year – See you in 2018!

​~Create a better future one day at a time~

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Here’s What You Need To Know About The Power of Teams & Why You Need A Solid Team Today

Here’s What You Need To Know About The Power of Teams & Why You Need A Solid Team Today

A great team is key to any person who has been successful throughout history.  Your team can be your family, business partners, friends, and mentors. Your alliance is your team, it can be your family or the people who work with you. Like many things in life, having a team to get you all there is key to your ability to succeed. You can’t do it alone. Take for instance the ancient African proverb that still rings true today in business and in life: “It takes a village to raise a child.” Here are 5 key ways you can begin to build your alliance, if you are new to a city and are finding your way, or if you already have one and are looking to strengthen your ties with the people in your alliance who are meaningful to you.


1. Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

When you are building your alliance, you want to make sure you check yourself to make sure you are sending out the right signals. If you keep attracting bad company, it might be a sign you need to change something within yourself. As it were, how business and eastern culture philosophy are tied together. You’ve Got to ‘know thyself’. Want to attract positive and productive people? Change your vibe. To do this, begin to change the thoughts you think into affirmations that align with who you want to be.

Photo Via:, Nathaniel Tetteh @nategreno Follow Nathaniel Tetteh @nategreno, Kpone Katamanso District Assembly Office, Tema, Ghana
Photo Via:, Nathaniel Tetteh @nategreno Follow Nathaniel Tetteh @nategreno, Kpone Katamanso District Assembly Office, Tema, Ghana

2. Strengthen What You Do Have

We all know people in our lives that we want to be closer to, we have people that we want to improve our relationships with. Don’t feel bad if you’ve been going through a difficult time and have previously been hard on yourself or others. You want to make sure to forgive yourself for whatever happened, and to care for yourself. If you begin to treat yourself well, then you can have the capacity to treat others well. Start to strengthen the ties you have with people that you care about. You want to make time to spend with people who love and celebrate you, let go of others who don’t. Start to love and trust your business partners, friends, and family (if you have not already). Go for coffee, go for brunch, and hey you can even go for mimosas!

Photo Via:, Jerry Kiesewetter @jerryinocmd, Washington, United States.
Photo Via:, Jerry Kiesewetter @jerryinocmd, Washington, United States.


3. Talk To People

This is very important, for introverts and extroverts. Your Ability to talk to people, and to to communicate with others is your key survival tool in our fast-paced, and sometimes cold, world. The more you talk to people, the more likely you are to meet people who are like you. Many of us move around a lot in our 20-somethings, and it can be hard to meet people at first. Find networking events and even go speed dating to increase the likelihood that you can meet people who really care about you. It can be challenging at first, but don’t give up. Press on because it is truly worth it.


Photo Via:, Ben White @benwhitephotography
Photo Via:, Ben White @benwhitephotography


4. Make What You Do With Your Alliance Count

You’re aiming for the next level, and your team is counting on you to help all of you get to where you are going. This is why sports and business partnerships are so important. Make sure you have common goals with the people you surround yourself with. Are you in a running group? Nice. Make a 12-mile race goal that you can all do together. Are you building your freelance practice out? Awesome. Make weekly goals to acquire new clients that you and your colleagues can provide services to. It’s all about building each other up and helping your team get to the next level.

Photo Via:, So something great, Clark Tibbs @clarktibbs 521 Collect Download
Photo Via:, So something great, Clark Tibbs @clarktibbs 521 Collect Download

5. Take Steps Today

To strengthen what you currently have, or to begin to build your alliance for a new chapter in your life, take out both a notebook and a planner. What you will need to do is set the intention, one of the first steps to creating your reality. When you take pen to paper and write out what you want to do and how you want your life to be, something magical happens. Write out the person you want to be, and how you want your life to look in the notebook, and then take your planner and write out actions you will take every day in order to get to where you intend to be. This is constructive goal setting, and when you have a plan it is 90% more likely to work out.


Photo Via:, stairs, fitness, woman runnng up the stairs
Photo Via:, stairs, fitness, woman runnng up the stairs

Plan to spend intentional time with your business partners and family. Make sure you build others up and that they support you. You can go so far when you are with a team, so make it count and do your best every day. You are 100% responsible for your life, your success, and the well being of your relationships. The good life is for you so give it a chance because you are worth it. It’s time to build up your team, make it stronger every day, and go forward into life with confidence.

Cheers to teamwork,


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