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Who: Kyle Allgood, from Ohio and moved to Colorado. Up and coming singer, songwriter, artist, guitarist.
What: Country Star Singer building Career in Colorado and the Surrounding areas.
Why: Decided to be serious about this and is making his dream happen.

His first song was You Got Me.
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Best Takeaway: To make your dreams happen, you need to block your time effectively and be defensive of your time. It is all you have, after all.

Where: He plays in Colorado, anywhere from Greeley, Denver, Idaho Springs, Craig, Grand Junction and surrounding towns. He is building a foundation of true grassroot fans. Surrounding states are also on board, including Wyoming.

Kyle Allgood is a talented artist and works with other country singers. Allgood has opened for country singer Kyle Park one occasion and plans to continue to collaborate with many other atststs.

When: Previous concerts, Kyle Allgood & The NoGoods have played at the Greely Stampede, JW’s in Craig, and at the Cowboy Saloon in Laramie, Wyoming. He recently just played at the Sundance Saloon and drew a big gathering. His music is energizing and melodic. He is an artist you must see.

Upcoming concerts:
You got to check out his unplugged jam with Denver Loft Sessions from OCT 28th. You can find out more info on the organization here:

Denver Loft Sessions




You’ll find his upcoming album, Brothers Revenge, with all his latest songs.

Best Takeaway:
To make your dreams happen, you need to block your time effectively and be defensive of your time. It is all you have, after all.


To find some of his songs, check out his channel on YouTube, Spotify, and iTunes.

Building A Company? Here Are 11 Things I Have Learned from Serial-Prenuer Men in Business That Can Help You Be A Badass in Business

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The American dream is alive and well, and thanks to many business professionals who are serious about their work, we have a guideline on how we can achieve the American dream ourselves. About 2 years ago I started my career in freelance writing. Nothing I have ever done, not even college or my college cycling races, has been as hard, cold, and fast paced as jumping into the world of starting a business. So why on earth would someone get into a profession where you face fast talkers & movers, cold rejections, and long nights of pounding away at your keyboard? Because this is the pathway to becoming one of the elites in America, one of the people lucky enough to have created a seat for themselves in the wealthy class. You have to get into a position of ownership in a company or be in a selling position to get ahead. You will never get ahead in a technical role. Period. That is just you working for someone else, making their dreams happen. You can have your cake and eat it too, so get out there and go get your worth.


Part of my freelancing is sales, operations, and marketing.The nights are long, and every minute of every day requires special attention. I have distanced myself from those who do not support me, and encircled myself with supportive people who have become my team. I know many strong women who have been leaders and mentors to me in life, but the truth should be told that many of the skills I have learned about building a business has come from the men I work with and the men who mentor me. I strongly support women in business, but admit I am way too emotional at times.


The men in my life have influenced me to use my time effectively, be logical in my operations, and to be fearless when closing a sale and asking for business. Through all of this knowledge I have acquired, I have learned to build my own company here I have began to become somewhat of an expert in digital marketing. In layman’s terms, I get clients pages to rank higher than competition, by strategic marketing on social media and SEO content writing that makes their Alexa ranking increase.


None of this would be possible without the guidance of some of my closest mentors and business partners. How can I create results for a client if I do not first have the approval to work with them? It is all about carefully negotiating what you can do, and then proving it. A lot of skills I have learned from men in business have helped me to become the person I am today, and for that I am thankful. Here are 11 things you can learn from men in business:
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  1. Cut the fluff.
    You can beat around the bush and not get anywhere, or you can get straight to the point. Make mini-closes and see if a client is qualified first.

  2. Don’t waste time
    When you work, work furiously to get your projects across the table and out to the client in a timely and quality manner.

  3. Be confident
    Professionals are confident about their services, especially men who are in sales. When you are confident in yours services, your clients will be too.

  4. Do what you say you are going to do.
    Seriously, when I make a promise, I give the clients exactly what they want and keep my word.

  5. Provide more in value than what you receive in money
    Always go above and beyond. You want to wow your clients.

  6. Remember the time, quality, and price matrix
    You can only have two and one will be compromised. Make sure you are clear to your clients about this  on each project.

  7. Don’t waste your time.
    If someone is beating around the bush, ask closing questions. If they don’t want what you’ve got, they do dirty business, or operate on a different level that you are not yet on, or have moved up from, then move on. Your time matters, and it’s important to make the most of it every day

  8. Don’t waste other people’s time.
    People have only so much time to allocate to you, so when you catch their attention make sure you are effective and efficient in talking to them. Do not waste their time, and make sure you bring something of value to them.

  9. Leave emotions out of the mix.
    Business can be personal, but you cannot ever take it personally. Be professional.

  10. Always be genuinely interested in other people.
    This should actually be the first principal for anyone in business. Before you can ever do business with another person, you have to get to know them. You have to learn about them, and to see if what you have is something they actually need. You may become an alliance, and partner with them for business development. If you do not have the conversation of getting to know him or her, you have already started off on the wrong foot. Get to know the person.

  11. Learn the art of follow up, and get good at it.
    People are not going to call you, you need to call people. Leave the ball in the other person’s court, and make sure you follow up using a method that works best for you. Pace with the client, and adapt your follow up accordingly. No method fits all clients, so be open, be aware, and be adaptable.

Of course I have learned a lot from women in business, but these are just some of the things that the influential men in my life have taught me. If we leave men out of the mix we are missing out on learning from ½ of our society’s knowledge. The same if we are only women-centric. Learn from men and women, and allow them to teach and support you along your journey. Rock what you got, and go after your goals, make sure you learn as much as you can from others while believing in yourself. You can do it!




Danielle is the founder of, an online blog and digital marketing company based out of Denver, COlorado. She empowers women everywhere, and serves her clients on time with quality, care, and professionalism. Learn more at

The Art of Following Up

The Art of Following Up


Ever miss getting a call back from someone who said they would reach back out to you? This article is all about the follow up. When you reach out to professionals to request doing business with him or her, keep the ball in your court as much as you can. What I mean here is that when you send an email, leave a circle back option, and note that you will reach back out to them promptly later in the week or nearly next week. You want to make it easy for people to do business with you, and the easier you make it for people to say yes, then the faster you can move forward.

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Of course there are some slight adjustments that go into this proves. You want to make sure you are polite yet assertive, and that what you have to offer is something that a professional you are going to do business with will need or want. This strengthens your follow up. Qualify the person, this is important for time management, because every second matters.

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Pace Your Follow Up

I learned this from a Sales Boot Camp I took back in November. When You touch base with a decision maker, you want to make sure to email them back or call them. I find that if the line is quiet, follow up twice a week, two days in between. Keep their mind on you, the follow up increases your chances of them calling you back. Of course, after multiple touch points and no answer, you will want to move forward to more pressing matters. Make yourself available for them if they do need anything. When someone is emailing you for urgent matters, email back right  away. For bigger deals and operations, I allow a 24 – 48 response time. The sooner you can respond the better.

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Patience and Good Attitude

When waiting for your new client to email you back, you want to be patient. If after 3 days to a week you have no answer, be brave and pick up the phone. Follow up. There are some systems you can instill in your business practices to ensure your client is followed up with and cared for. Treat each person you meet with extreme politeness and respect. You never know how much a good attitude can help you out. A good attitude towards yourself and others goes a long way.

Photo Via:, positive attitude, two people jumping, positive people.
Photo Via:, positive attitude, two people jumping, positive people.

Customer Service

Bottom line is that when you follow up with your clients, it builds your reputation of being super responsive and available to meet their needs. You want to be available to serve the people that need you, so make it easy for people to reach out to you. This is great customer service. Responding to situation makes it easy for you and your client to make the next steps to move each other forward. You are essentially a team, so following up will make things move much faster.

Photo Via:, person helping another, reaching goals.
Photo Via:, person helping another, reaching goals.

Following-Up Can Increase Your Conversions, according to an article in Kissmetrics. Make sure to qualify your customers and pace your follow up like a professional. If you really want things to happen, they will.Make sure to have a good attitude and a positive expectation about where you want to go. Following up is an art, and a learnable skill. Many people are successful at this, and you can be too. Start today to follow up with your clients. You can do it!






Danielle is a professional blogger and digital marketer who specializes in business strategy and persuasive copyright. For more information, connect today:


How You Can Start Your First Blog & Why You Should For Personal Branding

How You Can Start Your First Blog & Why You Should For Personal Branding


A great way to digitally market and brand yourself starts with having a blog or YouTube channel you can share on social media. This is important if you are in business because people can find you and read all about your products and services. You want to keep in mind that how you express yourself will ultimately attract the right people who share most or some the core values and beliefs. Blogging is powerful, and not only is it a way to share yourself with the world, it is a great way to express yourself. With that in mind, following these simple steps can help[ guide you to starting your very own blog!

Photo Via:, person blogging, person with their hand on the keyboard.
Photo Via:, person blogging, person with their hand on the keyboard.

Step 1. Pick a Niche.

Whether you are a financial advisor or a videographer, you want to determine what niche you want to write for. I generally recommend writing about what you are most passionate about, and if it ties to your career, even better. I write about freelancing and how much I enjoy it, and some of the principals I learn and share with others is easily relatable to other freelancers with different career fields like coding and website design. I even know a couple freelance bookkeepers. Pick your niche, and become the authority in your field.
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Step 2. Your Blog Name & Getting A Domain

Blogs of all sorts are spread across the web, and the names vary from The Huffington Post to FiveThirtyEight. Be creative. Once you decide on a blog name, you will need to  purchase a domain name. I bought contently through

Photo Via:, website URL, website domain.
Photo Via:, website URL, website domain.


Step 3: Create A Website

This step is really difficult if you are not tech savvy. I recommend hiring a freelancer off of Fiverr to build your website, and make it as basic as you can for the first initial website. Remember, when you are first starting, you just need the basics. Improve on everything as you go along. Using WordPress is a great platform to start building your website on, you can learn more about it here

Photo Via:, wordpress website.
Photo Via:, wordpress website.


Step 4: Blog!
This step is very important, and is one that you will need to repeat multiple times per week. Blogging boosts your website SEO and also keeps your mind sharp. Blogging will also provide value for people visiting your website that may eventually become your client. It is your way to make a mark on this world, so share your voice and work hard to write good articles.
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Step 5: Share on Social Media

How will people find you if you are not on social media? Other than Google searches, people will need to be able to find you through one of the following channels: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat, or even Twitter. earn to brand yourself, and make your content shine! Different content performs  better on one social media site over others. Test the waters, and see what works best for you.
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There you have it, a quick blueprint on how you can create your blog to market yourself. A blog can be very powerful. You can create yours one step at a time. Ready, set, go!


Cheers to your success,



Danielle is a  freelance writer and social media  strategist. Connect with her here to learn more: