How You Can Start Your First Blog & Why You Should For Personal Branding


A great way to digitally market and brand yourself starts with having a blog or YouTube channel you can share on social media. This is important if you are in business because people can find you and read all about your products and services. You want to keep in mind that how you express yourself will ultimately attract the right people who share most or some the core values and beliefs. Blogging is powerful, and not only is it a way to share yourself with the world, it is a great way to express yourself. With that in mind, following these simple steps can help[ guide you to starting your very own blog!

Photo Via:, person blogging, person with their hand on the keyboard.

Photo Via:, person blogging, person with their hand on the keyboard.

Step 1. Pick a Niche.

Whether you are a financial advisor or a videographer, you want to determine what niche you want to write for. I generally recommend writing about what you are most passionate about, and if it ties to your career, even better. I write about freelancing and how much I enjoy it, and some of the principals I learn and share with others is easily relatable to other freelancers with different career fields like coding and website design. I even know a couple freelance bookkeepers. Pick your niche, and become the authority in your field.

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Step 2. Your Blog Name & Getting A Domain

Blogs of all sorts are spread across the web, and the names vary from The Huffington Post to FiveThirtyEight. Be creative. Once you decide on a blog name, you will need to  purchase a domain name. I bought contently through

Photo Via:, website URL, website domain.

Photo Via:, website URL, website domain.


Step 3: Create A Website

This step is really difficult if you are not tech savvy. I recommend hiring a freelancer off of Fiverr to build your website, and make it as basic as you can for the first initial website. Remember, when you are first starting, you just need the basics. Improve on everything as you go along. Using WordPress is a great platform to start building your website on, you can learn more about it here

Photo Via:, wordpress website.

Photo Via:, wordpress website.


Step 4: Blog!
This step is very important, and is one that you will need to repeat multiple times per week. Blogging boosts your website SEO and also keeps your mind sharp. Blogging will also provide value for people visiting your website that may eventually become your client. It is your way to make a mark on this world, so share your voice and work hard to write good articles.

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Step 5: Share on Social Media

How will people find you if you are not on social media? Other than Google searches, people will need to be able to find you through one of the following channels: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat, or even Twitter. earn to brand yourself, and make your content shine! Different content performs  better on one social media site over others. Test the waters, and see what works best for you.

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There you have it, a quick blueprint on how you can create your blog to market yourself. A blog can be very powerful. You can create yours one step at a time. Ready, set, go!


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