In a world where so many things can get you down, it’s worth it to push back and focus on being positive, no matter the situation. Seek the gem hidden in every bad situation. Sometimes life will throw us a curveball, so how we handle it says everything about who we are. If you’ve been focusing on getting healthier, but don’t see the results fast enough, or working to bring in more business, but you struggle to manage or hire the right people, keeping persistent and flexible during these times is key, while keeping a positive attitude.

How does one stay positive and keep persistent? By focusing on having positive thoughts that things will work out for you. Your path to what you want may not be direct, so you will have to build away, and be creative in the process. One example is when students pay their way through college by going to school during the daytime and work the evenings to bring in the money they need. By keeping persistent and trying your best, you are applying yourself and tapping into those inter-latent talents that are screaming to come out. Stay positive during the process, no matter what. You are giving your life a chance, even when others count you out. You have to be the one to count yourself IN, because you are ultimately in control of your life. When you stay positive (even when things are complete sh**), you allow your view of life to be less traumatic. Positivity is like the oil between gears – it makes things run more smoothly with less friction. Being positive helps us push on and keep persistent. Somethings in our lives don’t arrive fast enough for us when we want them to, but the key is to know what we want IS coming, so we have to stay diligent and persistent in the pursuant of our goals. Keep positive throughts in your mind!


Why do some things take so long, and why does life seem so easy for many others? The truth is that some people have put in more work and may have skills or advantages that we don’t. We also don’t see the inside battles that some people have. I don’t remember where I found it, but I once read that grapes in vineyards with less water grow the best and have the strongest roots, and even better tasting wine. When you don’t have advantages that others may have, you have to work double. By doing so, you develop a strong work ethic, and that will carry you so far.

Photo by Shaira Dela Peña on Unsplash

Having a set back with health, business, or even a relationship? Don’t get frustrated, just stay positive and tell yourself that, ‘This is going to work out, damnit!’ and then go and work really hard towards improving your health, bringing in more money, and being kinder to all your relationships. Don’t blame, but rather accept everything as your responsibility and work hard to make each thing in your life optimized.

Stay positive, and wake up each day with a positive thought. One I like to use is, ‘Every day I have the chance to make my life better, and I am so excited to create the life I desire!’ Just get excited about your life, even when things at the present don’t seem so pretty. Work towards improving your life every day, and know that you are worth it!

Need an extra boost of positivity? Check out this book by one of my favorite authors, Jen Sincero.

The most important key I will leave you with is to believe in yourself. Remember that you can do this, start with one positive thought at a time (: