How To Accomplish Anything You Set Your Mind To
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When we set out in life, our parents tell us that we can become anything we want. Your parents are right, and the truth is that you can become anything you set your mind to. The key ingredient, other than knowing what you want, is to have a burning desire for it’s achievement. In academics, I worked very hard to achieve good grades by having all of my assignments turned in on time, and all of the assigned readings completed. Truth is that I had a breakdown when my Dad passed away, and I lost the passion.

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While reflecting on my life, I began to ‘wake up’ to the fact that for the past several years I have been just going through the motions like a zombie. I hadn’t found my passion, as it had been hiding in a far corner of my mind just waiting for me to tap into it. Sometimes we have to take ourselves through the hardships we experience by the bad choices we have made in order to learn how to become better people. Sometimes those choices we made can be the most humbling of times. Hardships can get us to concentrate more, mostly because the pain of sitting in our own mess is more painful than change itself.
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No person likes change because it takes us out of our comfort zone. But in order to grow as a person, and lead a more richer and fuller life, we need to take inventory and count the cost of what it will take to accomplish what it is that we set our minds to.

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Photo Via:, a woman writing on the chalkboard, smart woman, chemistry, smart and accomplished woman.

An old analogy comes to mind when we talk about achieving the things you so desire: When you decide succeeding is as important as breathing air, it is then that you become successful. So whatever goal you have in mind, work to organize your life in such a way that you can achieve what you set your mind to. Make sure you have the key ingredient of passion, know why you are going after what you want, and everything else becomes much more clear. Your decisions will improve when you find it. So when you do, let me know (:



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How To Find Your Life’s Purpose And Make Money Doing It

Do you ever wonder why some people seem to ‘make it’ while others just seem to be stagnant? There are many factors that contribute to a person becoming successful, and achieving their goals. One of the main reasons why some people become super successful is that they follow their heart, and find something that they enjoy doing, then they engage their mind to help strategize on how to make it all work.
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Many people freeze up, and watch life’s game happen while others play in the field. You might call it ‘analysis paralysis’, and believe me, we have all been guilty of it on one occasion or another.


What you have to do are these three things. Remember, sometimes mastering the basics, no matter how simplistic they may seem, is the key to your success.


Find A Template.

Try different business models in different fields. See what direction you are naturally pulled towards. Eventually, after trying different types of work, you will have a sense of what you enjoy doing. There is an old adage that states, ‘pioneering doesn’t pay’, so make sure you find something that there is a business plan template for, that allows you to add value to the market place, and get paid for it. The first couple years, you may do a lot of work that goes unpaid, or unnoticed, but keep at it. You will eventually get paid, and noticed, and the success you find will be your just reward for all the hard work you do.

Examples include Amazon drop shipping, blogging, or starting a service business.
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Focus on the work you enjoy doing, and keep at it. You may encounter moments where you fail, and fall on your back. Expect this to be something that will happen. The key here is to take inventory of why you failed, and to make sure you learn the lesson in each failure before moving on to the next level of challenges.


Our greatest teacher is our last failure.
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When you get distracted, or feel you haven’t got any traction, that is when you need to work the hardest. Expect that your success will happen in intervals, and eventually, those successes will all add to your big success. It is most important that who you become in the process is the person you always dreamt you would be. Work, work, and work some more. This will separate you from being just average.
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Some key points to remember while you trek down your path to achievement and success: find something you like, make sure you have a template to add value to the marketplace, and get paid for it (you do have to eat), focus on achieving your goal, take inventory and actually learn from the failures, and to persist, and you will have to persist hard. Success always arrives around the next bend in the road, so keep driving.


There are times in our lives that define who we are, and moments of extreme success that showcase the fruits of our hard labor. There are also moments where when it is darkest , we truly shine. Walk on, walk hard, and walk towards your goal.
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