Intro to Email Marketing Stats:

Here are some facts about how email marketing can increase your online conversions and improve your sales.

A study uncovered by Mail Chimp states that all emails, on average, have a 20.81% open rate. This means that the more targeted and populated email list, the more open rates, and conversion rates, you will receive. The chart below showcases the conversion rates of segmented types of  emails, de-aggregated from the most opened throught the least:

+Cart Abandonment
+Product Endorsements
+Price Decrease
+Back in Stock

The website, BigCommerce.com, finds that using email marketing on segmented events by customers increases your click-to-conversion rate. This means, more sales and brand awareness for your online ecommerce store.

Intro to Social Media Marketing

Sharing useful content with your following through social media is a great way to spread brand awareness while providing services and items to your growing list of fans.

The blog Lyfemarketing.comfound that marketing through the use of Facebook’s pixel and Facebook Ads marketing can improve your revenue. Just look at the numbers here, the numbers show improvement 
through harnessing the power of social media.

When you pair the numbers together, both marketing and revenue show a positive correlation. Jump ahead of the curve by marketing your business with email marketing and social media.

My First Pich Lab with Improv for Startups

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This month I had the honor of practicing my startup pitch skills with an #ImprovPitch.

Unlike any other training I have had, Pitch Lab helps infuse comedy into the basic startup pitches to spice things up for your audience! Come tosee what I had to share, on improv, about a dating flop <3

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How Freelancers Can Actually Get Work Done: Waterfall vs. Agile Workflow

How To Actually Get Work Done: Waterfall vs. Agile Workflow

Recent Life Hacks: I finally stumbled upon a method, other than my sticky notes, that will help with project management. I work with and talk to, a lot of freelancers, and it has come to my attention that a lot of us use different project management systems to manage our workload. Personally, I have used the square method, and it works most of the time. However, I stumbled upon two even better methods to help people who work in demanding jobs or run a freelance business and are managing client workflow on the ‘feast-side‘ of the coin. Using one of the methods below can be helpful, and if you’re looking to start creating right away, Trello.com provides an online drag and drop creator’s studio to make your workflow.

The two methods are Waterfall and Agile project management systems. I would recommend researching the models in more depth on your own, but here are the quick meeting minutes for those of us who are on a tight schedule to get projects pushed through.

The Waterfall Method

Freelance career website, Upwork.com, describes the late 80’s/90’s project management system as the “traditional approach” to developing a product from idea to retail-ready.  In this method, the project is broken up into steps that are to be completed in a sequence. In this workflow, each stage must be completed before starting the next. For those of us who are visual, the steps are aligned to look like a waterfall, where backtracking is not an option. You must ‘go with the flow‘.

Photo Via: code95.com, Waterfall Project Management

The Agile Method

The same freelance website, Upwork.com, also describes the Agile method as one of the newer project management systems. The Agile way is more flexible and less costly than the waterfall method, especially when you need to backtrack and make edits, additions, or omissions. Instead of upfront planning altogether, the Agile method focuses on the ability to build and react to change in times of uncertainty and turbulence. This method is packed with an open backlog that you can continuously add to and is positioned in the model to kept to keep track of features and requirements that the clients want. From the backlog, one part of the project is selected and you work on it until completion. It is a way to select a priority and complete it while touching base with peers and making adjustments in a tight window.  After one is complete, then you select the next priority item from the backlog and repeat the cycle through to completion. You get projects completed, one piece at a time with room for edits and revisions. I believe this model is more flexible and reasonable for all those with heavy workloads and a sharp deadline. The website, Agilealliance.org notes that the agile method places an ’emphasis on teamwork, constant user feedback, continuous improvement, and the ability to adapt to changing requirements.’

Photo Via: www.agilealliance.org, Agile Project Management

Both methods are helpful to move projects from start to finish. Challenge yourself to try one or both on your workload, and see how they compare. Work hard today, so you can play harder tomorrow.

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3 Simple Steps on How to Write Content Faster With This Formula – Never Have Writers Block Again

3 Simple Steps on How to Write Content Faster With This Formula – Never Have Writers Block Again

Photo Via: www.unsplash.com, man writing on paper while sitting on the floor.
Photo Via: www.unsplash.com, man writing on paper while sitting on the floor.

Digital nomads who work in the space of blogs and content duration are always on a constant search for items to write about. The internet is a fantastic place for inspiration, but what is the formula to break ‘writer’s block?’ There are 3 easy steps you can follow to break through, and always have something to write about. A big part of being an excellent writer is having content that people find current, inspirational, and helpful. Learn this pattern, practice it, and build the habit. Never run out of topics to write about again.

Industry News

The news is a great place to draw topics from. Whether you are writing for technology, business ops, or fashion, you can Google search the main topic for your blog and take inventory of what the search engine brings up. Check out the trending stories section at the top, or click over to YouTube and see what was posted within the week. This is how the famous South Park cartoon continues to stay current. Writing about current topics will keep your readers engaged and caught up on current news. You definitely want your audience to be in the know.

Photo Via: www.unsplash.com, woman reading newspaper.
Photo Via: www.unsplash.com, woman reading newspaper.

Leaders & Moguls

Everyone likes to read about famous people. What peaks your curiosity is what and how they are operating differently. What is it about them that makes them high performance, super fit, and a suave conversationalist? We all like to invest in ourselves and take what works for other people and do the same for ourselves. Writing about leaders and moguls in your industry is a sure way to cross-market your company, and will be a beneficial shout out to someone you place in the spotlight. Don’t know where to start? Pick up the phone and call business owners in your city. Ready, set, go!

Photo Via: www.unsplash.com, woman holding a 'boss' coffee cup
Photo Via: www.unsplash.com, woman holding a ‘boss’ coffee cup

Call to Action

Write about something that can benefit a person after they read your article. For instance, what are the top and most effective social media scheduler that you want your audience to know about? If you’ve tested out a technology, or process, go forth and tell people about it. Helping people is a great way to build rapport and strengthen relationships. Your readers will trust you when you write about the benefits of using xyz, and how they can also benefit. Give readers a call to action that they can walk away with, and end up improving their lives after visiting your blog.

Photo Via: www.unsplash.com, women helping each other while climbinga a mountain
Photo Via: www.unsplash.com, women helping each other while climbinga a mountain

Break out of writer’s block, and let your creativity flow. Research the news, business leaders and moguls, and also find a beneficial call to action for your readers. You will never have writer’s block when you have a formula that helps you bust through. Also, remember that practice makes perfect. The more you get into the habit of writing quality articles and scouting for topics, the better a writer you will be. Rome was not built in a day, so remember that becoming a great writer will take persistence and a lot of practice. You can do it, so be persistent. Get ready to write your most creative content, and improve your productitity to boot!


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How To Keep Up With Your Work Over The Holidays – Getting Work Done When It’s The Hardest Thing To Do

During the holiday season, it can be difficult to manage the year end rush while balancing family and business holiday parties. This is the time when you need to focus the most. Year end is when people reassess their goals they made at the beginning of the year, and make a push to meet those goals during the end of the year.

As a business owner, being on top of your game means having a plan, answering emails, and being available to serve your customers. Be ready to take on more clients as well, because there are people out there who need your services. The more prepared you are to take on the work, handle the current workload, and also be present for family and friends, the better your year-end will be.

How Do You Achieve It All

The answer is by careful planning. When you plan your day, week, and month, you budget your time and can allocate what you spend your time on the important matters that need your full attention. This means planning to exercise, planning for decent sleep, planning for family and friends, and making sure you always budget time for your business operations and sales processes into your schedule. I firmly believe that those who plan well are those who achieve great things.

Photo Via: sheerluxe.com, quote, it you want it, work for it, it is that simple, motivational quote

Start Here

The first place to start is with you. Dive deep. Ask yourself why you are going after certain goals and objectives. If it is for you, you will stick with it. If you are going after certain goals to make someone else appeased, you will never stick with it. Building your foundation of why you are going after your goals is the first step towards effectively planning. Yes we all want more time with our family and quality friends, a sexy body and amazing health, and a thriving business that would make class reunion a breeze, but you need to plan out the details. Success in each of these categories is extremely different for each person, this is because we are all unique, have different desires and wants, and also needs.


Photo Via: ctrl-alt-success.com, start your own business, love your business, start here, business, new life.

Where Do I Go From Here?

Grab a special planner that allows you to write in what you will do each hour. Plan each and every hour of the day, and can get right down to the minute. It may be daunting, but it is your life and you’ve got to be the change you want to see, it helps to build discipline. To prevent overload, start with a small list of tasks each day, and build from there. For example, if you want to do something to improve your health, relationships, and business, you can start a daily list that looks like this:

  1. Work Out At Gym for 1 Hour in Cycling Class
  2. Spend time with best friend Jessie downtown
  3. Complete 4 big projects today for clients and send 5 follow-up emails

    Photo Via: theultralinx.com, believe in yourself, love yourself, motivational quote, welcome life


Keep it simple silly (kiss). The further down the rabbit hole you travel, the more you will find clarity on what you need to do, who you need to spend your time with, and the clients you want to serve. Make it happen. Your values will align with what you think, say, and do in your health, relationships, and business categories. Keep it really simple, and start small. Once you get good at completing small tasks, allow yourself to take on more. You will eventually get to where you can do more, be more, and become more.


Photo Via: giphy.com, beautiful woman blowing kiss, model blowing kisss, sexy and accomplished woman blowing kiss.

You Are Worth It

No one said keeping on the straight and narrow would be easy, but I can promise you that you are worth it to improve and save your life. Make your life better, and keep going no matter how small of a step you take. There will be distractions, failures, and setbacks. Take inventory, heal yourself, and get back on the path. It’s like that one quote that goes something like this…

“What is more important than achieving your goals is the person
you become while you achieve them.”


As you go about your holiday season to wrap up the year-end, and get ready for big improvements in 2018, remember to become a person of value and to serve those around you. Be ready to serve your clients, help new business develop, and be present for your loved ones.

Photo Via: rimacestarbien.com, woman climbing mountain, sent her fears tumbling down, woman climber, fitness

Happy New Year – See you in 2018!

​~Create a better future one day at a time~

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9 Closing Techniques That Work – How To Increase Your Close Rate Today


The business world is fast paced and constantly changing. Customers want the best, and it is up to you to help provide for them if you want to be the best. The true mark of a good salesperson is someone who can find people that need their products or services that will actually enhance a person’s experience, whether in B2B or B2C. Money is a valuable resource, and is held by the customer with great care, so spending can be a cautionary action when you show up to present. When you reach a qualified prospect, helping her or him overcome the emotional hurdle to buy from you can be described as a dance, This is where becoming a closer becomes so important. You must ask for the business, and be confident when you do. Here are the top 15 closing techniques that actually work. Try them today and remember that practice makes perfect. Put that coffee down, and let’s begin!

1. Something for Nothing

This is the magic of marketing. You may commonly hear, ‘But wait, there’s more!’ Toss in something extra for free after the purchase. Online, offer a free eBook, template, widget download on their company website, or give a free notebook or pen with their logo in person (hey, free marketing, right?).

2. Opinions Count

Have the client validate out loud that they can benefit by purchasing your product or service. To do this, ask, Do you feel that eating all organics can improve your health?’ These are logical verifying questions. Get them to yes. If they say no, you can immediately address their concerns. This is a disqualification process.

3. The Assumptive Close

Here you act as if you already have the business. Use future statements like, ‘When would you like the order delivered?’ This close allows the client to focus on how they will benefit when they have the product or service. Make sure you have addressed all concerns before this step, or you might fumble.

4. Sharp Angle Close

When you have an objection, counteract it using ‘this for that’ logic.For example, ‘If we solve your concern,  will you be ready to sign the order today? Make sure you can solve the customer’s problem, and then use this if you are confident you can. Shoot for it, and make the perfect angle.

5. The Alternative Close

If your customer is unsure of the main solution you are providing, offer alternatives to tailor to his or her needs. For example, if someone only needs three toothbrushes, and you sell bundles of four, get creative and give him or her three. Tailored services can work great, because everyone likes a custom order.

6. Direct Close

When you have addressed the customer’s concerns and you are confident that she knows the value of your product or service, then pose the question directly, “So, Mary, are you ready to place the order?” Use this closed-ended, yes-or-no question only if you are very confident that the answer will be affirmative.

7. Level With Me

When the customer says they will think about the offer, treat it like a careful objection. Ask if there are any concerns you can address, and if the solution seems clear, then ask for the business today.: ‘If all looks clear to you, what is holding you back? Let’s get this done today!’ Cautionary note: this is an advanced close.

8. The Pressure Close

We all operate off of deadlines,, it’s what makes us hit our goals in time. If the customer needs X-amount of widgets for a big event, then use time as a hot spot pressure: ‘If you need these today, let’s get started with the purchase order to help you keep on track with your goals.’ This is logical, and helps the customer get to what he or she needs to do in order to move forward.

9. Pros vs Cons

Showcase the pros and cons of having the product or going without. Take time to outline how the customer will benefit by having your product, and show them what they will miss out on if they do not have it. An example would be purchasing an organic drink – the customer will feel both hydrated and will have nutrients in their body.

A fresh cup of coffee never tasted better after a close, so go out and get what you want! Remember though this process that business wins are a numbers game, so use the law of averages to work in your favor. Make more calls, meet more people, and get busy. To keep your momentum going remember that each day is an opportunity to become better, bigger, faster, and stronger. Coffee’s  for closers, so the real question is, have you had your cup yet?



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The Art of Following Up

The Art of Following Up


Ever miss getting a call back from someone who said they would reach back out to you? This article is all about the follow up. When you reach out to professionals to request doing business with him or her, keep the ball in your court as much as you can. What I mean here is that when you send an email, leave a circle back option, and note that you will reach back out to them promptly later in the week or nearly next week. You want to make it easy for people to do business with you, and the easier you make it for people to say yes, then the faster you can move forward.

Image result for follow up
Photo Via: www.best-job-interview.com, Follow Up in Business


Of course there are some slight adjustments that go into this proves. You want to make sure you are polite yet assertive, and that what you have to offer is something that a professional you are going to do business with will need or want. This strengthens your follow up. Qualify the person, this is important for time management, because every second matters.

Image result for qualify
Photo Via qualify.buzz, qualify.

Pace Your Follow Up

I learned this from a Sales Boot Camp I took back in November. When You touch base with a decision maker, you want to make sure to email them back or call them. I find that if the line is quiet, follow up twice a week, two days in between. Keep their mind on you, the follow up increases your chances of them calling you back. Of course, after multiple touch points and no answer, you will want to move forward to more pressing matters. Make yourself available for them if they do need anything. When someone is emailing you for urgent matters, email back right  away. For bigger deals and operations, I allow a 24 – 48 response time. The sooner you can respond the better.

Related image
Photo Via: Fthepitcher.org, people pacing, people running

Patience and Good Attitude

When waiting for your new client to email you back, you want to be patient. If after 3 days to a week you have no answer, be brave and pick up the phone. Follow up. There are some systems you can instill in your business practices to ensure your client is followed up with and cared for. Treat each person you meet with extreme politeness and respect. You never know how much a good attitude can help you out. A good attitude towards yourself and others goes a long way.

Photo Via: kingofhr.com, positive attitude, two people jumping, positive people.
Photo Via: kingofhr.com, positive attitude, two people jumping, positive people.

Customer Service

Bottom line is that when you follow up with your clients, it builds your reputation of being super responsive and available to meet their needs. You want to be available to serve the people that need you, so make it easy for people to reach out to you. This is great customer service. Responding to situation makes it easy for you and your client to make the next steps to move each other forward. You are essentially a team, so following up will make things move much faster.

Photo Via: blog.woobox.com, person helping another, reaching goals.
Photo Via: blog.woobox.com, person helping another, reaching goals.

Following-Up Can Increase Your Conversions, according to an article in Kissmetrics. Make sure to qualify your customers and pace your follow up like a professional. If you really want things to happen, they will.Make sure to have a good attitude and a positive expectation about where you want to go. Following up is an art, and a learnable skill. Many people are successful at this, and you can be too. Start today to follow up with your clients. You can do it!






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In Life You Don’t Get What You Deserve, You Get What You Negotiate


I recently read a book on making big business deals by Lewis Schiff. It talks about the top business players, the ones that rose up from poverty or the middle class, and now make over $1,000,000 a year. They are at the top for a reason, and that’s because they more quick-witted, emotionally intelligent, and smart. Most importantly, they follow their gut. That’s what makes them the deal makers and deal breakers.

Photo Via: www.businessinsider.com, handshake, man and woman shaking hands, deal, business deal.
Photo Via: www.businessinsider.com, handshake, man and woman shaking hands, deal, business deal.

If you have ever observed people that keep getting the raw end of the deal, it’s because they didn’t ask for more. Shockingly, I read that the majority of people who are offered a starting salary don’t realize that if they ask for more, they would likely get it. Obviously, a person hiring you as a freelancer or contractor has selectively chosen you, and are willing to pay for – you! The people who make the money decisions in companies and business majority of the time leave room for a higher negotiation in pay.

Even more shocking, is that women don’t ask as much as men. That is why there is a ‘gap’ today. Don’t get me wrong, sexism still exists but is extremely minor today in comparison to the women in the earlier 19th and 20th centuries. Ladies, ask for more – you’re worth it. Settle for more.

In Business Brilliant, a survey was conducted to compare how multimillionaires making over $1,000,000+ per year negotiate in comparison with people who make less than $1,000,000 per year. The survey found that millionaires expect the other party to exploit them, and it is up to them to find spots in the initial offer and find loopholes to leverage a better offer, not only for the negotiator to benefit but for the company they run to benefit. The compared counterpart respondents just want to be ‘fair’.

Photo Via: www.theguardian.com, Woman directing meeting, woamn in business suit, smart business woman professional, effect of changing role of women on business environment.
Photo Via: www.theguardian.com, Woman directing meeting, woamn in business suit, smart business woman professional, effect of changing role of women on business environment.


It’s a dog eat dog world out there, and you’ve got to have your wits about you or people will take advantage of you in the business world. Do your absolute best to learn, earn, and repeat. This is especially true if you’re lucky enough to live in America, a country where people move here to manifest their own ‘American Dream’ because there is no China Dream, European Dream, or African Dream.

“Coffee is forge closers.” – Glen Gary Glen Ross

The second part of deal-making is your rib cage. No, not talking about the one in your body, but those around you who work symbiotically with you. Your team. If a deal goes south, and many will, then you’ve got to have you’re A-Team with you to bounce you back up.

Another study found that multimillionaires actually have an extremely large network of people they know, referring to the Strength of Weak Ties. In the upper echelons of personal business, they have a tighter inner circle of people they collaborate with to make smart decisions in business, this is in comparison with less savvy business people who talk to everyone about their plans. If you’ve got ideas worth gold, tell your inner circle, don’t tell your neighbor down the street.

Photo Via: www.wgea.gov.au, man and woman in a deal, negotiation, the standoff, genter equality, gender equality work place.
Photo Via: www.wgea.gov.au, man and woman in a deal, negotiation, the standoff, genter equality, gender equality work place.

Getting what you want is all about asking for it. If you show up, do work that no one can replace, and make your way up the Klout Score, then you’re well on your way. Doing work you’re proud of builds your confidence, and that’s why a lot of really famous and wealthy people are so magnetic. When they step up to make a deal, they’ve got a lot running under their belt, not to mention backdoors. You may want to roll up your sleeves and get to work because if you’ve got the passion you’ll enjoy these moments of tension. You learn a lot about people when they are under pressure.

When negotiating, be willing to walk away. The old adage here goes, ‘The one who loves the least, controls the most.’ Be interested in making a good deal, but never show your more than halfway interested. If the person across from the table really wants to work with you and make a deal, they will show it.

Photo Via: /www.quotesvalley.com, the-one-who-loves-the-least-controls-the-relationship
Photo Via: /www.quotesvalley.com, the-one-who-loves-the-least-controls-the-relationship

If you’re not satisfied with your lot, then the only person responsible is the one looking you back in the mirror. Settle for more. Do work that makes you confident, so when you negotiate you know you’ve got the work to back it up. If you ask for more, you can initially get more. The future belongs to those who ask – and if you get a no, which you will encounter a lot in business, then you increase your odds. Success in negotiation is a numbers game, like many other things. Some things work out, and some things don’t but hey – don’t take it personally, it’s just business 😉

Ask for more – Danielle

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