In a world where so many things can get you down, it’s worth it to push back and focus on being positive, no matter the situation. Seek the gem hidden in every bad situation. Sometimes life will throw us a curveball, so how we handle it says everything about who we are. If you’ve been focusing on getting healthier, but don’t see the results fast enough, or working to bring in more business, but you struggle to manage or hire the right people, keeping persistent and flexible during these times is key, while keeping a positive attitude.

How does one stay positive and keep persistent? By focusing on having positive thoughts that things will work out for you. Your path to what you want may not be direct, so you will have to build away, and be creative in the process. One example is when students pay their way through college by going to school during the daytime and work the evenings to bring in the money they need. By keeping persistent and trying your best, you are applying yourself and tapping into those inter-latent talents that are screaming to come out. Stay positive during the process, no matter what. You are giving your life a chance, even when others count you out. You have to be the one to count yourself IN, because you are ultimately in control of your life. When you stay positive (even when things are complete sh**), you allow your view of life to be less traumatic. Positivity is like the oil between gears – it makes things run more smoothly with less friction. Being positive helps us push on and keep persistent. Somethings in our lives don’t arrive fast enough for us when we want them to, but the key is to know what we want IS coming, so we have to stay diligent and persistent in the pursuant of our goals. Keep positive throughts in your mind!


Why do some things take so long, and why does life seem so easy for many others? The truth is that some people have put in more work and may have skills or advantages that we don’t. We also don’t see the inside battles that some people have. I don’t remember where I found it, but I once read that grapes in vineyards with less water grow the best and have the strongest roots, and even better tasting wine. When you don’t have advantages that others may have, you have to work double. By doing so, you develop a strong work ethic, and that will carry you so far.

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Having a set back with health, business, or even a relationship? Don’t get frustrated, just stay positive and tell yourself that, ‘This is going to work out, damnit!’ and then go and work really hard towards improving your health, bringing in more money, and being kinder to all your relationships. Don’t blame, but rather accept everything as your responsibility and work hard to make each thing in your life optimized.

Stay positive, and wake up each day with a positive thought. One I like to use is, ‘Every day I have the chance to make my life better, and I am so excited to create the life I desire!’ Just get excited about your life, even when things at the present don’t seem so pretty. Work towards improving your life every day, and know that you are worth it!

Need an extra boost of positivity? Check out this book by one of my favorite authors, Jen Sincero.

The most important key I will leave you with is to believe in yourself. Remember that you can do this, start with one positive thought at a time (:


Intro to Email Marketing Stats:

Here are some facts about how email marketing can increase your online conversions and improve your sales.

A study uncovered by Mail Chimp states that all emails, on average, have a 20.81% open rate. This means that the more targeted and populated email list, the more open rates, and conversion rates, you will receive. The chart below showcases the conversion rates of segmented types of  emails, de-aggregated from the most opened throught the least:

+Cart Abandonment
+Product Endorsements
+Price Decrease
+Back in Stock

The website,, finds that using email marketing on segmented events by customers increases your click-to-conversion rate. This means, more sales and brand awareness for your online ecommerce store.

Intro to Social Media Marketing

Sharing useful content with your following through social media is a great way to spread brand awareness while providing services and items to your growing list of fans.

The blog Lyfemarketing.comfound that marketing through the use of Facebook’s pixel and Facebook Ads marketing can improve your revenue. Just look at the numbers here, the numbers show improvement 
through harnessing the power of social media.

When you pair the numbers together, both marketing and revenue show a positive correlation. Jump ahead of the curve by marketing your business with email marketing and social media.


Meet Murray Richman, Criminal Defense Attorney of New York. Famously winning cases for many clients, including members of the Mobs of New York. Murray Richman is a successful attorney at large, rising in celebrity status as he takes on bigger clients and wins more cases against the odds. Here is what he has to share!

Exclusive Interview with Murray Richman

Criminal Defense Attorney “Don’t Worry Murray”

New York is known for its fast pace lifestyle and organized crimes, many of which are committed by skilled criminal minds who may be linked to the Mobs of New York.  For every crime committed, there is a corresponding ‘opposite and equal’ reaction by either police or other criminal minds, and at times, ‘innocent’ bystanders. Legal steps into play when police and criminal minds intersect. Normally, the average person would not even dream of wanting to cross paths with the mafia, in any context.

This, however, is not the case for one particular profession, criminal law attorneys. Mobsters living within the city make mistakes, like all of us, and turn to legal help for remedy and solace. One of the rising celebrity legal professionals, who has been called on many occasions, The Lawyer to the Mob has been building a solid book of business through his criminal law practice for many years. Meet Murray Richman, criminal defense attorney of New York. In an exclusive interview, Econtently met with Murray for an inside scoop on his keys to success. You’ve got to be doing something right when your winning cases and representing criminals who are often tied to the Mobs of New York. Before we begin, some background information may be helpful on why I believe Murray is a celebrity lawyer that you should follow:

1. Murray Richman has built his business off of referrals, meaning, he does his job very well.

2. He represents famous rapper DMX, who remarked, ‘We don’t worry with Murray, get you out of jail in a hurry. When the government trying to bury, you good.’

3. Murray was featured in the American film director Errol Morris’s exclusive one-on-one interview– I highly recommend watching the whole video series. Click here to view.

4. TMZ has featured Murray.

5. The New Yorker Magazine did a 13-page in-depth report on Murray.

6. Murray was featured in Details Magazine.

7. Double XL media also completed an interview with Murray.
Murray Richman with DMX Photo Credit:

Before we begin, why criminal law? Some blogs reference criminal law practice being an ‘exciting specialty’. LinkedIn Criminal Defense Attorney contributor, Heather Cross, LL.B., writes about how she Fell In Love with Criminal Law. Without crime, nothing on the media would ever be interesting. Think about it…  

Check out some of the cool things we have to share with you in this rare interview. 3, 2, 1… Let’s go!
Photo Credit:

Q: How did you ‘set the stage’ to make people appear something other than what they might be perceived?

A: You are not creating a situation. You never lie. You just don’t lie. You just package your clients accordingly. People have to understand your clients’ point of view. You are what you create.

Q: At the bars and clubs where your ideal clients are, what helped you ‘break the ice’?

A: I just walk in and the people want to get next to me. People get to know you as you build your cases and you prove yourself.

Q: In the Errol Morris interviews, you mentioned giving your clients a free shot of alcohol. Do you still keep a bottle around for new clients?

A: About 50 years ago I did, and it was because we were in a tough neighborhood. People have a shot to relax, and then tell details about their building case. Now, clients take me out.

Q: How do you disarm your opponents?

A: I don’t disarm. I do my job and do it right.

Q: How does one become mentally tough, powerful and influential?

A: You do something long enough and you become that person. Think your way through on what you want to impress people with and show integrity.

Q: What Machiavellian-style books do you recommend?

A: READ the following:

a.            The Statesman Henry Taylor (on how we rise in society)

b.            Plunkitt of Tammany Hall George Washington Plunkitt

c.            The Power Broker by Robert Caro

“I Seen My Opportunities and I Took ‘Em.”
– George Washington Plunkitt

Q: What do people want?

A: People want money, success, and power. However, there are many things [people] who are just a mule, a tool, and/or a fool.

Q: What advice do you have for our readers?

A: We all work for someone, and we all have a goal. Work towards that goal and don’t flounder.

Q: You’ve got class – how can others adopt this style?

A: Be truthful. If you have doubts, irradiate those doubts.

Q: What’s the best piece of advice you can give to someone about being tactful and cunning?

A: Be true to yourself. Don’t worry about things. And remember this: say NOTHING is best because fish only get caught when their mouth is open.

“When the word is in your mouth you are the master.
when it is out of your mouth, you’re the slave.”
– Murray Richman

Famous words from one of New York’s best criminal defense lawyers. You can consider some of his words to the wise by remembering to speak the truth, say only what is necessary, and not to flounder under pressure when you are working towards a goal. Be known for doing a good job, and people will come to know you. In closing, Murray Richman leaves us with his words of wisdom on how to be successful: preparation, preparation, and preparation. And with that, it’s a wrap!

Thanks for reading – hopefully, some of the above tips will help you stay sharp in business. Stay tuned for more interesting interviews with serial businessmen and women. Remember to subscribe to our email list for exclusive tips and interviews.

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