The business world is fast paced and constantly changing. Customers want the best, and it is up to you to help provide for them if you want to be the best. The true mark of a good salesperson is someone who can find people that need their products or services that will actually enhance a person’s experience, whether in B2B or B2C. Money is a valuable resource, and is held by the customer with great care, so spending can be a cautionary action when you show up to present. When you reach a qualified prospect, helping her or him overcome the emotional hurdle to buy from you can be described as a dance, This is where becoming a closer becomes so important. You must ask for the business, and be confident when you do. Here are the top 15 closing techniques that actually work. Try them today and remember that practice makes perfect. Put that coffee down, and let’s begin!

1. Something for Nothing

This is the magic of marketing. You may commonly hear, ‘But wait, there’s more!’ Toss in something extra for free after the purchase. Online, offer a free eBook, template, widget download on their company website, or give a free notebook or pen with their logo in person (hey, free marketing, right?).

2. Opinions Count

Have the client validate out loud that they can benefit by purchasing your product or service. To do this, ask, Do you feel that eating all organics can improve your health?’ These are logical verifying questions. Get them to yes. If they say no, you can immediately address their concerns. This is a disqualification process.

3. The Assumptive Close

Here you act as if you already have the business. Use future statements like, ‘When would you like the order delivered?’ This close allows the client to focus on how they will benefit when they have the product or service. Make sure you have addressed all concerns before this step, or you might fumble.

4. Sharp Angle Close

When you have an objection, counteract it using ‘this for that’ logic.For example, ‘If we solve your concern,  will you be ready to sign the order today? Make sure you can solve the customer’s problem, and then use this if you are confident you can. Shoot for it, and make the perfect angle.

5. The Alternative Close

If your customer is unsure of the main solution you are providing, offer alternatives to tailor to his or her needs. For example, if someone only needs three toothbrushes, and you sell bundles of four, get creative and give him or her three. Tailored services can work great, because everyone likes a custom order.

6. Direct Close

When you have addressed the customer’s concerns and you are confident that she knows the value of your product or service, then pose the question directly, “So, Mary, are you ready to place the order?” Use this closed-ended, yes-or-no question only if you are very confident that the answer will be affirmative.

7. Level With Me

When the customer says they will think about the offer, treat it like a careful objection. Ask if there are any concerns you can address, and if the solution seems clear, then ask for the business today.: ‘If all looks clear to you, what is holding you back? Let’s get this done today!’ Cautionary note: this is an advanced close.

8. The Pressure Close

We all operate off of deadlines,, it’s what makes us hit our goals in time. If the customer needs X-amount of widgets for a big event, then use time as a hot spot pressure: ‘If you need these today, let’s get started with the purchase order to help you keep on track with your goals.’ This is logical, and helps the customer get to what he or she needs to do in order to move forward.

9. Pros vs Cons

Showcase the pros and cons of having the product or going without. Take time to outline how the customer will benefit by having your product, and show them what they will miss out on if they do not have it. An example would be purchasing an organic drink – the customer will feel both hydrated and will have nutrients in their body.

A fresh cup of coffee never tasted better after a close, so go out and get what you want! Remember though this process that business wins are a numbers game, so use the law of averages to work in your favor. Make more calls, meet more people, and get busy. To keep your momentum going remember that each day is an opportunity to become better, bigger, faster, and stronger. Coffee’s  for closers, so the real question is, have you had your cup yet?



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