Do you feel stuck? Not sure where to go? Behind on your notes? The truth is, you’re not alone. The other side of the truth is that you have absolutely all the power to pull yourself out of any hole you’ve dug yourself into. 

They say that inspiration strikes us in the most opportune, or in-opportune, moments. Depending on how you look at it, you may have an event in your life that makes you feel like all the doors are closed. But do you remember that old adage? As one door closes, another door opens.

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You may have to get out of your comfort zone and begin to push and expand your current limitations. People are really powerful, but our minds can trick us into being lazy and complacent. Get into motion. In order to get ‘un-stuck’ you will need to take massive action. Some people go all in and may get burned out, so here is a pro-tip to help you as you become a person in motion:

  1. Create a list of all your issues on one side of paper, and on the other side make a list of solutions.  
  2. Take one task at a time. Don’t even look at your other list items.
  3. Get into the habit of marking off tasks. You’ll feel more accomplished, and have the confidence to move onto the next task.
  4. Celebrate wins. Make sure you do something nice for yourself to reward your hard efforts. You are after all your own boss.
  5. Repeat.


A key factor to keep in mind is that you will need to have a lot of passion. The feeling of being stuck needs to be more painful than the feeling of making changes for the better. Get un-stuck!

When you begin, you need to know that making changes will not be easy, but they will ultimately be worth it. Making positive changes to get in motion will cost you time. Here’s how we get 70 hours, but of course if you’re feeling more ambitions, go settle for more.

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Money is the necessity that makes FREEDOM possible for all people, so how do you get it? You make ways for money to flow to you. In one of my previous articles, I talk about methods on how to make money online by freelancing. When you’ve got a method in mind to allow money to flow to you, the real work begins. To make what you need to happen, you will need to put in the hours to get your processes up and running. In the book, Business Brilliant, an estimated majority of millionaires who make $1 million to $30 million work over 70 hours per week.

By getting to work, and getting in motion, you will start to produce more money. Money to pay off debt, money to pay for your child’s college, money to buy a home, and money to wine and dine with your best friends.

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Growing your money will take a lot more effort, simply because money is a dame that needs to be woo’ed. More particular, you need to become really good at pleasing people. You can start in your personal life by extending extra effort to be of more value to your friends, neighbors, and peers. When you start to master that level, you can start to please people in business. Here I am referencing the Go-Giver, a must read book for anyone in business. The book references that those who give the most receive the most, especially in unexpected ways. Learn to be the best at serving people, and at pleasing them. You will get a lot further in life.

Giving requires a lot of footwork, which keeps you in motion and helps you build methods for money to flow to you. Being in motion will also require you to put in a lot of hours. Eventually, word will get out that you work your butt off, and people will want to work with you. Everyone needs a hustler. When you are a person of value, you won’t be discarded so easily.

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Take the steps today to become a person in motion. Don’t be afraid to put in the hours, should they be 70+, it is your life, and every moment should be worth it to you to make it better. Get unstuck, develop a pathway for money to flow to you, and work passionately. It will not be easy, but it will be worth it. Get ready to be the solution to your problems – only YOU can save yourself!





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